Don’t Break Concrete
Fit A Fibrelite

Replace Your Old, Heavy Cast Iron And Concrete Recess Covers With New Lightweight Fibrelite GRP Composite Access Covers, Custom Designed And Manufactured To Fit Your Existing Frames

Issues with your old cast iron and concrete access covers? Fibrelite’s retrofit GRP composite access covers are the only ones on the market which can be custom designed, manufactured and fitted directly into your existing frames without breaking concrete.

Manufactured in the UK, Fibrelite covers are less than 1/3 of the weight of cast iron recess covers (with concrete infill) or ductile iron, and have an inherent resistance to corrosion, providing a covering solution which can be safely manually removed by 2 people and is designed to deliver years of trouble-free service even in the harshest environments.

  • Painless to install. Effortless to remove
  • Heavy-duty load ratings. Lightweight
  • No corrosion. No maintenance
  • Any shape, size, or access requirement
  • Non-slip/skid for maximum safety

Issues with your old concrete or iron access covers?
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Benefits at a Glance

Painless To Install. Effortless To Remove

Replacing traditional access covers involves breaking concrete. Our retrofit GRP composite access covers can be set directly into your existing frames, making installation quick and painless.

Light Enough to Remove By Hand Strong Enough for Any Application

Fibrelite’s GRP composite access covers are available in all loading ratings including D400, E600 and F900 for high wheel load areas, while weighing less than 1/3 of the weight of traditional cast iron recess covers (with concrete infill) and ductile iron alternatives. This means all Fibrelite covers can be safely removed manually, without the need for specialised or mechanised lifting equipment.

No Corrosion. No Maintenance

Iron and concrete access covers can corrode, crack and become brittle. Fibrelite composite covers have an inherent resistance to corrosion and are proven to be highly durable, even in highly demanding environments.

Any Shape, Size, Or Access Requirement

Fibrelite’s composite access covers are available in almost any size, colour, shape and configuration, providing a truly bespoke, made-to-measure solution for every project, and they have recently upgraded their manufacturing capabilities to make it even simpler and faster to manufacture retrofit covers.

Non-Slip For Maximum Safety

Unlike metal and concrete covers that can become hazardous when wet or worn, Fibrelite covers provide a safe walking and driving surface.

Call us today for a retrofit replacement:
+44 (0) 1756 799 773

Discover The Alternative To Heavy Access Covers

Cast Iron Access Covers With Concrete Infill

Our Lightweight Retrofit Replacement

Industries Using Fibrelite’s Retrofit Access Covers

  • Utilities
  • Sewage works
  • Water treatment plants
  • Fresh water treatment plants
  • Substations
  • Power stations
  • Airports
  • Data centres
  • Ports & docks
  • Dockyards
  • Container ports
  • Airfield pavements
  • Power stations
  • Stadiums

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